Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.  CVI Solutions is in our 16th year, and we find that our original vision for our company still applies completely.   We have built a company that provides excellent products and services and where we strive to make doing business a pleasure for both our employees and our customers.

Our flagship product lines, Dyna-Flo Control Valves and Leser Relief Valves, are in the top tier in their markets.  Great products, great deliveries, great savings and great service have produced rapid growth while maintaining a reputation for outstanding technical expertise that is accessible and cheerfully given.

People are what define a company, and we want you to know our people. All of our people share a belief in operating an ethical and humane company.  We fully intend that dealing with CVI Solutions be enjoyable for both our employees and our customers.

Every customer is important to us, every order is important to us.

Thank you again for your visit. Please return often.

Tom Donalson
CVI Solutions