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CVI Solutions offers full automation and actuation capabilities utilizing both linear and rotary Dyna-Flo Control Valves, ABZ High Performance Butterfly Valves and also ball valves and specialty valves. Nearly all combinations of actuators and valves can be provided as an automated package, including any required accessories.

Pneumatic Actuators

D-Force Actuator

Dyna-Flo D-Force
Dyna-Flo D-Force actuator is a rugged dual piston scotch yoke actuator designed specifically for automation of quarter turn valves. The torque curve closely matches the requirements of valves that have a lower running torque with higher breakout and re-seat torques. The compact design is available in a double-acting (DDA) and spring return configuration, the D-Force actuators feature externally adjustable travel stops. High and low temperature configurations are available, and all actuators use a one-piece splined drive shaft.

Based on customer preference or force requirements, a variety of other pneumatic actuators may be used, including Bettis, Rotork and others.

Electric Actuators

Rotork CVA Electric Actuator

Rotork CVA Electric Control Valve Actuators
The CVA range of linear and quarter-turn actuators provide electrically powered throttling control suitable for most control applications. The CVA actuators are available with optional failure positions of Open, Closed, Intermediate Position or Last Position. The actuators have a standard resolution of 0.1% and are capable of continuous unrestricted modulation. Power can be 100-240 VAC, single phase, or 24 VDC.

On-Off Electric Actuators

On-Off Electric Actuators
A variety of electric actuators from major manufacturers such as Rotork, Auma and Limitorque are used for On-Off or slow throttling applicators, for high-force requirements and for high-voltage or 3-phase power requirements.

Electro-hydraulic Actuators

The Rexa actuators are truly high-performance. Rexa provides the preferred solution for many difficult applications. The electro-hydraulic actuators are available in either linear or rotary configurations that are excellent for globe-style or rotary control valves and for on-off ball and other rotary valves. The self-contained actuators minimize system oil volume, eliminate routine oil maintenance and provide precise throttling control. Repeatability is 0.01%, and much higher torques are available than with standard electric or pneumatic actuators.

The standard interface is an integral key pad and LED display, and all calibration and operation functions can be performed without opening the enclosure. Various Fail-Safe options are available for loss of main power, including a manual hand-wheel or manual hydraulic pump.

ABZ Valve Logo

Forum’s ABZ Valves come in a wide variety of sizes and functions. From general purpose to high performance, ABZ’s valves withstand difficult fluid compositions and high-temperature applications.

ABZ Butterfly valves are often automated with Dyna-Flo DFR or D-Force actuators for throtting service.  For on-off service the D-Force actuators or other pneumatic are often used, along with the Rotork CVA Electric Control Valve actuators, the Rexa Electraulic electro-hydraulic actuators, and almost any commercially available electric or pneumatic actuator can be adapted to the ABZ butterflies.

2-72 ABZ

2″-72″ ABZ ANSI150/300/600 ABZolute High Performance Butterfly

  • Soft Seated, metal seated and fire safe.
  • Free floating seat design. Meets API 609, API 598, API 607, MSS-SP-68.
  • Underneath Drawn Gland Packing.
  • Wafer, Lugged, Double Flanged, Butt-welded in double and triple offset design.
  • Direct mount operation.
2-24 ABZ

2″-24″ ABZ ANSI 150/300 Elite High Performance Butterfly

  • Soft Seated.  Free floating seat design. Meets API 609, API 598, API 607, MSS-SP-68.
  • Underneath Drawn Gland Packing.
  • Wafer, Lugged design.
  • Direct mount operation.