Quick Opening Closures, Pipeline Closures


SENTRY closures are a quick-opening, internal door design with a one-piece seal, and easy one-person operation. SENTRY is the most popular internal door closure due to its versatile features, rugged construction, economical price and quick availability.

Pipeline Closures

Some of these benefits include:

  • Greater Security – due to heavier, more rugged locking components that retain pressure in both shear and compression modes
  • Greater Safety – with all locking components fully engaged until vessel depressurization is complete
  • Quicker, Easier Operation – that requires little effort from a single operator to close the largest closure with minimal time

One-Piece Seal

The SENTRY® Closure’s one-piece seal is produced in all sizes and has the ability to fit the seal groove of all existing closures. Installation of the one-piece replacement seal is quicker than ever resulting in reduced maintenance time and lower incurred maintenance costs.

Available in FKM (Viton), EDR FKM (Viton), NBR, or HNBR low temperature materials (other compounds are available upon request)

Features an anti-extrusion spring molded directly into the seal for easy installation and to ensure secure sealing

Strong chemical resistance and operates at low pressure applications

Molded in all sizes with no vulcanized splices

All pressure retaining components on the SENTRY Closure are manufactured from ASME SA designated materials. The innovative pressure-energized seal provides extended service life and reduced maintenance expense. The simple profile of the sealing surface allows for easy inspection and cleaning. An improved hinge arrangement and a unique means of holding the locking segments in the open position, make operation of the Closure smooth and easy. The innovative method of securing the Closure’s locking components to the door also helps to prevent the possibility of injury during pipeline or vessel servicing.