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Every day – Dyna-Flo valves are hard at work in many of the world’s major Oil & Gas and Petrochem companies. Dyna-Flo means performance, value, and customer service.

  • Direct replacements for Fisher® control valves at significant savings.
  • 100% parts interchangeability.
  • No new inventory needed.
  • No retraining of personnel.
  • Dyna-Flo standard deliveries for are 2 weeks or less. Project deliveries vary but from what we can tell are the fastest in the industry.


Dyna Flo 570 Rotary Valve

Dyna-Flo Model 570 Control Valves
These segmented-ball style rotary control valves are available in wafer style with ANSI Class 150-600# ratings, or with integral flanges in Class 150 and 300.  The wafer construction is available is sizes 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, and 8” and will mate ASME with Class 150, 300, and 600 raised face flanges.  The flanged construction is available in sizes 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” in Class 150 and 300.

The straight through unrestricted flow path provides higher capacity than globe style valves. A splined shaft provides accurate control in throttling operations and provides for several options in using power operated or manual actuators. Valves are used in both throttling and on/off control of liquids or gases. A wide variety of controllers and accessories can also be attached.

The standard actuator for the 570 Series is the Dyna-Model DFR spring-diaphragm actuator.  Optional actuators are used for both throttling and on-off service, such as the Dyna-Flo D-Force pneumatic actuators in double-acting or spring return design, the Rotork CVA electric throttling actuator, the Rexa electro-hydraulic throttling actuator, and virtually any other commercially available product.

Dyna-Flo Model 590 Control Valve
The Model 590 rotary ball control valve is used in all kinds of demanding applications. It is also suited to high flow, low pressure drop services. The 590 series is used in both throttling and on/off control of liquids or gases. The Model 590 is a wafer style flangeless ball valve and is available is sizes 4”, 6”, 8”. 10”, 12”, 16″, 20” and in ANSI Class 600 and 900 ratings and finds routine application in midstream and pipeline operations.

ABZ Butterfly Control Valves
ABZ manufactures a series of high performance butterfly valves ranging from size 2”-48” with 150-600# ANSI class. Design is ideal for manual or automated actuation and is used for applications in all industries. An ABZ high performance butterfly valve can be installed with a Dyna-Flo Model DFR Rotary Actuator, a Dyna-Flo D-Force pneumatic actuator, manual hand gear, electric actuator, or most other available pneumatic and electric actuators.

Dyna-Flo Model DFR Spring & Diaphragm Actuator
The Model DFR series rotary output spring and diaphragm actuator is used in all kinds of demanding applications. The Model DFR is used to automate control valves in both throttling and on/off control of liquids or gases. Output shaft options make the Model DFR a compact and convenient solution to louver and damper automation.

The Model DFR, when combined with a Model 570 V-ball control valve is a rugged control valve assembly, to which a wide variety of controllers and accessories can be attached.

Dyna-Flo Model DFRP Piston Actuator
The Model DFRP pneumatic piston rotary actuator is used in applications involving splined shaft rotary control valves, such as the Dyna-Flo 590 Rotary Control Valves. The linkage of this actuator can be positioned for either push-down-to-open or push-down-to-close action.

The Model DFRP, when combined with a positioner is suitable for throttling applications, and can be used for on/off service when paired with a two-position control signal.


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