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Leser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Safety Relief Valves. The company is headquartered in Germany, and all manufacturing takes place in Germany. Standard factory delivery is 4 weeks, and a large inventory is based in Charlotte, North Carolina for quick shipment.We are proud of our products, and deliveries, and our prices. We gladly publicize our prices, because they are typically 20-30% below our principal competitors prices. Please follow the link to our 2016 Price Book and see for yourself.

Leser provides a full line of pressure relief valves, as shown below. Leser is the leading supplier in much of the world and is supported by a broad of authorized repair centers and assemblers.



Leser introduces pilot-operated safety valves for oil & gas, petrochemical and pump applications

Leser has introduced a new product series: the Pilot-Operated Safety Valve. Both pop-action (Series 810) and modulate-action valves (Series 820) are available.

The typical application for the pilot-operated safety valve (POSV) are refineries and gas processing plants, compressors in gas pipeline systems and offshore applications. The own-media-controlled POSV offers the advantage that the plant can be run close to the set pressure of the valve. This leads to an increase in the capacity utilization and consequently of the efficiency of the plant.

Furthermore, POSVs allow higher external back pressures than spring-loaded safety valves. By means of the harmonized standard DIN EN ISO 4126-4 pilot-operated safety valves are now also approved in Europe. For decades already their technology has been proven in the American market and in the Middle East.

The Leser POSV is available with a short 4 week lead time ex-works.

As a special design feature, the tubing between the pilot valve and the main valve is integrated in the main valve cover, reducing the risk of damage or freezing. The backflow preventer is included as standard.

The POSV is part of the Leser High Efficiency product group. This group unites all products with increase the efficiency and the productivity of the plant.