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Dyna-Flo provides the industry-standard pressure controller for yoke or remote mounting.

Pressure Controls

4000 Pneumatic Pressure Controller

Dyna-Flo Model 4000 Pneumatic Pressure Controller
Detects process pressure using a Bourdon tube sensing element.  Available as Proportional-Only or Proportional plus Reset, and is field changeable.  Control action from Direct or Reverse is also field changeable. Cast aluminum case.  Optional materials available for NACE compliance when sending sour gas or when using sour gas as instrument supply.  Pressure control up to 5000 psig.

4000LB Level Controller

Dyna-Flo Model 4000LB Pneumatic Pressure Controller
The Model 4000LB is functionally identical to the 4000 controller but is specially designed to reduce supply air/gas consumption. Significant reductions in the steady state bleed rates reduce emissions on fuel gas supply applications as well as instrument air consumption on plant applications. The result is a lower operating cost and less environmental impact. The 4000LB Controller meets US emission regulations.

Level Controls

Dynaflo Model 5000 Level Controller

The 5000 level controller utilizes an innovative relay manifold design providing easy maintenance and greater safety.  The controller provides a pneumatic signal output for use with a control valve. Incorporated into the 5000 controllers design is unique access to the seal around the displacer arm, making maintenance easy.

Field-reversible action, no-bleed relay in steady state, NACE ready, vented case, throttling or snap-acting.  Process connection MNPT or 150-1500# ANSI RF or RTJ.  The displacer can be easily changed from vertical to horizontal without any parts.

Dyna-Flo Model 670FGV-2D Manual Loading Station
Provides manual operation of diaphragm operated control valves.  Valve can be switched between manual and automatic operation adjusted while in Manual mode.