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dynafloWe have brought a new business model to the Control Valve industry, one that provides more speed, better support and lower cost.

Our standard deliveries are consistently the shortest in the industry.

Our staff represents over 200 years experience in Control Valve applications, and all valve sizing and selection is done IN-HOUSE. Send us your specs for Fisher, Masoneilan, Valtek or any other control valves.

Tens of thousands of Dyna-Flo Control Valves are being used by customers who discovered the consistent Quality and Reliability of our Edmonton and Houston machining and assembly operations.

These same customers discovered that Dyna-Flo can provide quality, reliability, speed and service….and also a price normally associated with remanufactured valves.

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Dyna Flo 360 Control Valve

Sliding Stem Valves & Actuators

Dyna Flo 570 Rotary Valve

Rotary Control Valves & Actuators

Oil & Gas Valves