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Quick Opening Closures, Pipeline Closures

Threaded Closures

Yale high pressure closures are ideal for pipeline, pressure vessel, pig trap, filter and filtration system and manway access applications. With over 60 years of reliable field service, Yale® quick open closures are the industry leader. Yale QOC closures were the first to include a threaded design for unparalleled safety and operating ease. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, outstanding engineering, superior quality control procedures and complete service after the sale, Yale Fig. 500® & Fig. 500R® closures are the smart choice for productivity, durability and safety.

Yale closures are manufactured in diameters from 2" to 72" and ANSI classes of 150 to 2500 on most sizes. Closures feature a modified strong Acme threaded cap and hub, along with a custom-molded O-ring seal. Standard O-ring material is 70 durometer (Nitrile) Buna N, with optional Viton® (FKM) or Ethylene Propylene or Aflas trim O-rings also available. Pressure alert valves (PAV's™) are provided on 6" and larger closures, and are available for 2" - 4" sizes. The PAV allows Yale closures to meet the ASME code requirement of an external, visible pressure warning device.

The Yale Difference

Manufactured in accordance with ASME BPVC Sec. VIII Div. 1 O-rings are continuous-molded or vulcanized

Yale closures can be ordered to meet the following industry standards:

  • B16.5 P.L. Code
  • B31.3 Refinery Code
  • B31.4 Oil & Products Code
  • B31.8 Gas P.L. Code
  • D.O.T. 192 - Gas Regulations
  • D.O.T. 195 - Oil Regulations
  • API-6H
Traceability on all materials available

State-of-the-art manufacturing with CNC machines

ASME code stamp available

CRN numbers available

Approved by engineering & metallurgical departments of end users

Quality service after the sale

Optional Viton® (FKM) O-rings combat hydrocarbon swell and higher temperatures

Quick Opening Closures

Figure 500 Closures (2"-14")

  • Hubs & cap have a flat face seat
  • Closed die forgings are SA-350 LF2 material and castings are SA-352 LCB material
  • External lugs on the caps
  • 4-pitch threads on 2" and 3 "
  • 3-pitch threads on 4"
  • 2-pitch threads on 6"-14"
  • Three available hinge designs: horizontal, vertical & angle
  • Standard horizontal hinge mount on left side, facing closure (right side mount on request)
Quick Opening Closures
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Figure 500 SafeGuard™ Lugless Closure

  • Secure sealing without leakage
  • Quick and easy operation that saves time and effort for the operators
  • Long service life to optimize the return on investment
  • Available in sizes from 2" through 10" for application versatility
In-Line Figure 700 Horizontal Closure

Figure 500R Large Size Closures (16" +)

Hubs & cap are machined with a 30-degree bevel seat that has many advantages over flat face seats:

  • Minimum of 3" thread length
  • Superior O-ring retention groove
  • Less risk for damage to sealing surface of hub
  • Provides stabbing section on hub
  • Greater tolerance for diametrical and lateral warpage

SA-516 GR 70 formed steel plate for caps
Subs machined from SA-105, SA-350 LF2 or A-694 forged steel ring
1-pitch modified Acme threads
Three available hinge designs: horizontal, vertical & angle
Serial numbers for quick identification
Closure actuation tool (CAT™) included for tightening/loosening cap

In-Line Figure 700 Horizontal Closure

Figure 515™ Flanged Yale® Closure

The Figure 515™ Flanged Closure offers a bolted flange-to-flange configuration. A rugged Acme thread fastens the cap to the hub, making the Figure 515 Flanged Yale Closure the safest in the industry. Its pressure seal is achieved by an O-ring set in the face of the hub.

New vessel constructions
Replaces blind flanges, without additional welding
Available in sizes from 2" to 72"
ANSI Class 150 through 2500

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